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Thursday, December 29, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

We have had such a good month leading up to Christmas.  This year we were able to take it a little slower and stay home more which has been so nice.  We’ve actually gotten to enjoy the Christmas season instead of rushing through it.  We spent the actual Christmas weekend in Berryville with my family.  Things went a little different than we thought they would when Gabby woke up Saturday morning with a swollen face and eye.  She had an allergic reaction to something which I guess we’ll never know what it was.  She got a shot of cortisone before we headed to Berryville and looked better so we thought she would start to get better.  But that evening she started to swell up again and broke out in hives so we spent Christmas Eve in the Berrvyille ER.  She was okay and it never got serious but they did have to give her 2 Epy shots and put her on a round of oral Epy as well.  Poor Gabby!  She was such a trooper despite the lack of sleep from all the adrenaline they pumped into her.  She’s much better now and we’re glad to be back home and looking forward to an uneventful weekend. 

2011 Christmas Card   
Silver Dollar City Pictures 
Gabby on the stage at the Frosty show.  We had to get a pic because she’s usually to shy to participate in things like this. 
Gabby and Gramma
Gabby and Gramma in “Grandpa’s Mansion” which Gabby loved!IMG_0741
In classic Peter style this is how he ended the trip to SDC.

Gabby in her Christmas play at school.  She was of course a sweet little angel.  She started out so well and sang 1 of the 3 songs but then got shy and started to play with her hair.  

At the Fayetteville Square to see the lights. 

Decorating cookies at Meme Pitts’ house. They’ve decorated cookies every year since my Dad and Aunts were little and we had fun getting to participate this year.
Leslie's Phone Pics 671
Leslie's Phone Pics 673
Even Papa Dino got to join in with a self portrait cookie. :)
Leslie's Phone Pics 678

Christmas Eve morning at home
Gabby got just what she asked for from Santa.
Peter told Santa “Ah Don Know” so he got guns from Santa.

Christmas Morning

Dexter waiting for his present.  He was so excited. 
Meme and Papa Garrett
This sweet little face belongs to my niece, Mary Ammon. 
Papa made these beautiful hope chests for each of the kids.  He actually made them from wood from a tree from his front yard and put everything together himself.  Such a sweet keepsake! 


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