the Paladinos

Final Days in the House

Friday, April 24, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Next Thursday is our official move date to Bentonville.  We close on our Ft. Smith house in the morning, our Bentonville house in the afternoon and will move in to the new house that afternoon/evening.  Wow!  Busy day.  I don’t think any of us really realize what it’s going to be like to leave.  Of course we won’t be that far away and will be back to visit.  And soon Peter Michael will keep us busy so we won’t have time to think about missing everyone. 

We’ve had a ton of pictures on the cameras that we just haven’t gotten over to the computer so I finally decided to download them today and share them.  Enjoy!

Painting for the first time in her new apron from our friend Michelle.


On the tire swing with “Ma Mike”


Dancing in the middle of the road.



Gabby in her new hat.


Peter Michael trying out his new blanket from GranDeb.


Gabby with her first Easter basket.

Eating her first marshmallow Peep.

Easter family pic.


Twirling in her Easter dress.


Air Gabby

Doesn’t this make you want to try jumping on the bed.

Our sweet Sunday School class threw us a Going Away/Baby Shower.  Look at this yummy spread.

Gabby playing at the party

Opening her present from her friend Logan at the shower.


Gabby with friend Vivienne at the party P1030703

You can’t see her in this picture but “Bossy” Gabby was leading this little train.


We have no idea what she’s saying here but she does this every time I wear a certain jacket with strings.  She’s saying something into a “microphone”.

The cool way to jump.

Again, I have no idea what she’s saying here but she has a cute little dance to go with it.

Peter Michael Pictures

Thursday, April 9, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

If you didn’t know we have definitely decided on the name Peter Michael Paladino.  You can judge for yourself if you think the name fits since I had my 4-D ultrasound today.  Unfortunately Peter Michael wasn’t feeling cooperative and was sleeping soundly, but we did get half a shot of his face.  The other side is covered up with placenta.  Also, with his position there was no confirmation that he really is a Peter Michael but we’re pretty sure from the previous ultrasound that’s what we have.  And I just think he looks like a boy.  There is a little bit of hair from what she could tell and it looks like he has big, full lips like his sister.  His little face is literally about a centimeter from the outside of my stomach so the poor little guy doesn’t have much room.  I guess that means I just need to work on gaining a lot more weight.  Yea, I can have donettes again!  I think he’s going to be a talker like his sister because he opened and closed his mouth a lot.  He was probably telling us to stop poking his face. 

Just to update you on his progress otherwise, I am 32 weeks and feeling pretty good.  Peter Michael is pretty still as long as I’m up and moving about but as soon as I sit down to relax he gets very active.  With Gabby it was mostly kicks and hits but with Peter it’s more like full body movement back and forth.  It’s very strange when you can see rolls and jumps through my clothes.  Like his sister, he loves our pastor’s voice.  Or maybe he hates it but either way he gets very active on Sunday mornings and I’m sure gives the people around me a show.  We’re planning on delivering in Bentonville since we’ll hopefully be moved when he comes.  

Doesn’t he have sweet round cheeks (or at least one).

Eyes open here.  Maybe I’m crazy but he kind of looks like my brother, Rob.



Mouth open.  Look at those lips!

Eyes open again.  It looks like he’ll have big eyes.

We're Moving!

Thursday, April 2, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Yea!  It's confirmed, we're officially moving to Bentonville.  And it only took us 5 months to get it done.  :)  Thank you to everyone who has had to put up with us talking about this for months and months.  I'm sure you're all just sick of us. 

We accepted an offer on our house last week.  By the way, if you ever need a realtor we love Linda Geraghty with King Realty Group.  We were For Sale By Owner for 2 months and finally listed it with Linda and sold within 7 days.  And we just went into contract on a new house in Bentonville today.  We love the new house (we think any way since we've only been through it once). 

We will be closing on both houses on April 30th.  It's been a very long process but we are so thankful and thrilled with how it has all worked out.  God has definitely provided for us.  We will really miss everyone in Fort Smith and are sorry to leave our house behind.  It will be interesting to see what Miss Gabby thinks about having a new house, new room and new baby brother all at once.  I guess as long as she still has a bed to jump on and her dance video (thanks again Aunt Patty) she'll be okay. 

This is a pic of our new digs.  house