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Monday, June 22, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Well, we're 2.5 weeks down and counting since Peter Michael's arrival.  The first week Michael's mom, Debby (a.k.a. GranDeb), stayed with us which was a huge help with meals and grandkids.  Thank you GranDeb!  I don't know what we would have done without her.  This last week was the first time for me to be alone with both kids which went surprisingly well. 

We have already fallen into a little routine and for the most part it's manageable.  Peter Michael has been doing pretty well at night.  There were a few nights that had me excited when he went around 4 hours between feedings.  But now he seems to have settled into a pretty rigid 3 hour feeding schedule day or night.  But it still works out to about one feeding a night, or at least in the middle of the night which isn't too bad.  Peter usually stays awake after his morning feeding until 11:00 or 12:00 which has been interesting.  He's a very easy baby as long as you hold him while he's awake.  So it makes it a little difficult to get anything done in the morning but I shouldn't complain since he sleeps most of the rest of the day. 

Gabby continues to do very well in her role as big sister.  She loves running errands for mommy when I'm feeding or holding Peter Michael.  Sometimes she gets a little whiny and wants to be picked up or held when we're holding the baby but she doesn't seem to resent him at all thank goodness.  She has been a very loving big sister and asks to hold him or give him his paci. 

This last weekend was a very big one for us with two big outings with the kids.  I know, we're probably crazy to take a newborn out this early but he stays in his carrier and sleeps for the most part so he wasn't exposed to too much.  Saturday we went to the Gentry Zoo.  It has a drive thru and a petting zoo with all kinds of animals.  Gabby got to pet goats, donkeys, a zebra, a kangaroo, baby raccoons, baby pigs, turtles, deer, and hedgehogs.  We were very surprised by all the animals that they have.  We also went out to eat for the first time Saturday night which went very well.  Sunday evening we went to a Firefly Festival in Fayetteville at the Botanical Gardens.  It was pretty hot but fun.  We got to see all kinds of interesting people and the grounds there are beautiful.  Both kids were pretty worn out today after their big weekend but I guess we proved that life does go on after having two kids. 

Gabby's 1st Carousel ride at the Promenade

Gabby's 1st real pony ride

Peter Michael dancing to the music at the Firefly Festival






Petting a goat

Feeding a zebra and goat

I just thought this was a cute picture

Introducing Peter Michael Paladino

Saturday, June 6, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Birth Announcement

Peter Michael joined our family two days ago on June 4th at 11:44 a.m.  He was 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 1/2" long.  Everything went very smoothly with the delivery and he arrived bright eyed and vocal.  The nurses were very impressed with his lungs.  But he quieted down very quickly to eat which he took to immediately praise the Lord!  He has been such a good little baby and has done a lot of sleeping and eating.  When he does wake up he is very alert and loves to watch people and things in the room. 

Big sister Gabby has taken to her baby “bubba” very well.  She loves it when he is awake and is very attentive to anything that he might need. 

We feel very blessed and excited that he is here, healthy and happy.

First Picture



Peter Michael with Gramma

Peter Michael with Papa Mike and Mimi

Peter Michael with Papa Dino



All strapped in for our trip home from the hospital

How tiny does he look in this big seat!?

First walk

Gabby thought this was big fun to lay with “bubba” after her bath.

Helping change Bubba’s diaper.

This is what happens when there are just too many exciting things to look at in the room.


Peter Michael Update

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Just in case you haven’t heard the latest I wanted to give you an update on Peter Michael.  I have been having some irregular contractions since last Thursday and was very hopeful that I would go into labor over the weekend.  However, I had another checkup yesterday and am still only at a 1 and haven’t changed a bit.  I guess PM is very comfortable which we’re hoping means that he will be the laid back baby that we’ve dreamed of.  His sister of course punched her way out a week early and hasn’t stopped going since.  It’s been very strange how different my two pregnancies have been and will be interesting to see how different the labor is.  Hopefully we’ll end up with a safe delivery and healthy baby as before. 

Since I am now officially over my due date we have decided to go ahead and induce.  I go into the hospital tomorrow at 4:00 pm and they will start me on a slow acting medicine to help me dilate.  Early the next morning they will break my water and possibly give me another drug, pitocin, to really get things going.  If all goes as planned Peter Michael Paladino should be here by noonish.    We are very excited and anxious to meet this little boy.  It’s crazy to think that we will have a son in a couple of days. 

Gabby has been warming to the idea of a baby brother.  She still isn’t sure about sharing mommy and daddy or her bathroom though.  She is such a funny girl.  You never know what will come out of her mouth or what she will do.  It’s amazing how much she has changed and really turned into a big girl.  She will be such a little helper with her baby “bubba.” 

Finally we’re also getting some pictures of the house out before it’s covered with baby swings, chairs, etc.  I guess the next post you see will be with a picture of our Peter Michael.  Yea!!



















And of course, random funny’s of Gabby

Yes, we do brush her hair sometimes

No, it’s not very often