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12 Days of Christmas (Cont.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

I’m horrible about finishing things go so I kind of dropped off on my 12 Days of Christmas updates.  And now that it’s the 11th of January I guess I should probably finish the story.  :) 

Our sweet mystery friends continued their gifts right up until the 11th night.  We left them a few notes on the door along the way saying thank you and telling them that we would be out of town on the 12th night and would miss what we hoped would be “the big reveal” so we could find out who they were.  Also in a note we invited them to dinner so we could meet and formally thank them for all of the blessings.  After a few back and forth notes we settled a date and we have since finally met them.  It was the Saumweber family.  Michael and Joe work together and we’ve all gotten to be friends.  They have 3 adorable children and I don’t know how they got them loaded up EVERY NIGHT to bring us our gifts!  It was such a fun addition to our Christmas this year and really made a sweet memory for us.  Maybe we can pass the blessing on next year.

The Saumweber Family. I hope they’re ok with my stealing this picture of them and putting it on the blog.  :)

The 7 Swans a Swimming was bubble bath, color bath drops and a bath sponge for our “swans” bathtime.  This was definitely the kids favorite night and they’re still enjoying it.

For the 8 Maids a Milking they brought us amazing, yummy cheese and crackers.  This was one of our favorite nights! 

The 9 Ladies Dancing forgot their canes and left them for us.  :)

Michael and Peter loved the 10 Lords a Leaping which were little army men with parachutes. 

The 11th night brought us 11 Pipers Piping on these flutes which of course the kids got a kick out of.  I’m not sure what happened to those flutes now.  :)

When they came over they brought our 12th gift which was 12 drummers drumming and this tin of butter cookies is the drum.  Peter has definitely used it as a drum and the kids now have a lifetime supply of cookies  (just kidding, with my help we’ll get those knocked out in no time).