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Summer Fun

Thursday, July 31, 2008 by Leslie Paladino

Look at this, two blog entries in one week!  GranDeb will be so excited.  We just wanted to share the fun summer day that Gabby had today.  It rained for a few minutes so she played outside in the rain (which we don't have a picture of, but you do get to see the curls that showed up even more after the rain).  We ran back and forth on the sidewalk and she loved just standing there getting wet.  She had watermelon for dinner which you can see she also loved.    





Busy Girl

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 by Leslie Paladino

Gabby has been a very busy girl lately.  The week before last she was in Mother's Day out two days instead of one and Wednesday she and Mommy drove to Northwest Arkansas to visit friends.  Apparently we're going to have to keep the girl on the move because she was in the best mood all week long and didn't want to stop going.  As you can see from some of the below pictures, she went swimming with her friend Hudson, then visited her friend Noah and then went swimming again with her friends Logan and Grayson all in the same day.  Wow!  She'll have a lot of boyfriends to pick from when we allow her to date at age 35.  This last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Gramma and Grampa came down to stay with her while Mommy and Daddy got away for a few days to Tulsa.  It was a very needed break from reality and we enjoyed stuffing ourselves silly, shopping and going to movies.  Gabby had such a good time with her grandparents and I think got a little spoiled with ice cream and not hearing the word no.  But that's what grandparents are for.  This week the days we have spent at home have been very boring for Gabby so I guess we'll have to get creative this summer while it's too hot to go outside and find her other activities. 

Her new favorite game is playing in our shower (while it's off of course) and she begs to go to the garage to play with her stroller and "drive" the car.  No new words yet but she's been getting really good at saying please or "plah".  She's been having fun on her tummy and started laying down in the bath a couple of days ago.  She just lays down on her tummy and kicks in the water.  It's pretty cute.  Today we went to story time at the library.  She was more in to pushing her stroller than listening but we'll keep trying it.  She did enjoy the snack time and playing in the kids section after story time.

We got a new "professional" camera so some of the shots below are just trying that out.  I'm sure we'll have people begging us to take their picture in no time.  :)

Swimming in her friend Hudson's pool

Hudson pushing Gabby

 Playing with her friend Noah

 Swimming with her friends Logan and Grayson


Monday, July 7, 2008 by Leslie Paladino

We have so much to update everyone on so here goes.  A couple of weekends ago Gabby had her first haircut.  We took her to my stylist and Gabby did so good.  She liked being one of the girls at the salon and showed off a little for the ladies.  The haircut only took about 2 minutes and we turned on a video for her so it went pretty well.  Don't worry, there are still plenty of curls left!  We just had her little rat tail snipped off. 

A couple of Wednesdays ago Gabby went swimming for the first time in a big pool.  Our youth group rented out the local pool and we went to hang out.  It took her a few seconds to warm up but after that we couldn't keep her out of the water.  She just naturally flipped over to her little stomach and looked like she was swimming.  Sorry guys no pictures but I did take some pics today in her little pool.  She loves it even more after her big swimming adventure.  So, we'll definitely have to watch the Olympics with her this year so she has a goal for the future. 

This weekend we went to Berryville.  We went to Uncle Rob and Aunt Jacque's house Friday night to watch fireworks.  Gabby was in awe of them but not a huge fan.  She didn't cry but she didn't really enjoy them even though she couldn't stop looking.  She was of course up very late to watch the fireworks and turned into a crazy girl!  She couldn't stay still and had such a good time.  Amazingly she stayed in a good mood for being so over the top exhausted.  Saturday we went to see Mimi and Papa where they were camping at Roaring River.  Gabby wasn't feeling extremely social but she did get in the water and loved it!  She had no fear and splashed and walked as long as daddy could stand it.  The water was ice cold and pretty much numbed you immediately but it didn't bother our little fish at all.

As far as other updates, she is getting even more vocal.  Her "words" are getting more pronounced and as of Sunday she now walks around saying/yelling "no, no, no".  I guess she hears that a lot.  It also sounds like she is saying little phrases sometimes like "me mama" and "me thirsty".  I'm sure that's just how it sounds but you never know.  She is very smart after all.  She gets on these little kicks where she has very very busy hands and we absolutely can't keep up with them.  While we're grabbing something away from her she already has something else in her little hand.  She is so much fun and will be keeping Michael and I very young or making us very old.  We're not sure which yet. 

Funny Face

First Haircut

Gator ride in Berryville

Family on gator ride

Swimming in river

Sun bathing

One hot chihuahua