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Contest Entry

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

I’m posting this to get some extra entries to win a backyard playset and garden.  Wouldn’t that be a fun addition to our backyard.  And something tells me this garden might be a little nicer than the one Michael and I were planning for this year.

Gabby’s 5TH Birthday!!

Monday, February 20, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

I can’t believe that my little girl is now officially 5!  I remember the first time I felt you move when I was pregnant.  It wasn’t a little flutter that some women talk about.  It was a strong, obvious kick.  Then you kicked your way into our family almost 5 years ago to the day and we had our perfect little girl that we had no idea what to do with.  Now you’re part of our hearts my Gabby girl and I can’t imagine what life was before you.  When we say that God made you special and one of a kind we know that it’s absolutely true.  There is no other girl like you in the whole world.  Someone who loves to play and sleep with rubber snakes, bats and sharks while wearing a princess dress and crown.  Someone who can giggle and cry uncontrollably at the same time.  Someone who can dance and twirl like a beautiful ballerina and wrestle, kick and punch like a tomboy.  I love your imagination and your sweet, sensitive nature.  I love the way you tell us you love us 100 times a day.  I’m so proud of you my Gabby girl and the sweet young lady you are becoming.  Happy 5th birthday!

Warning…picture overload following!  DSC_1925
We celebrated Friday night with Papa Mike, Mimi and Papa Dino since it was Gabby’s actual birthday.  Cheese quesadillas at a local Mexican rest.  Gabby’s fav!  They even sang to her which was a first that she was amazed by. 

Peter enjoying her birthday dessert.  Man that kid loves ice cream!
Goofy Girl!

Sunday we had her party at her dance studio which worked out great!  It was a Barbie Princess Charm School theme and the 12 dancing princesses had such a good time!

They ran and ran and ran back and forth.
Sweet friends!
The first game was a race to see who could walk in their princess heels the fastest. Everyone won!
Then I stole an idea from her dance class and had them dance through the paper crowns. 
Lily was shy to go by herself so big sister Aubrie stepped in to go with her.  Love these sweet sisters!
I just liked the jump that Gabby was doing in the background here.  Crazy girl!
Princess cupcakes, princess popcorn, crown sandwiches and a fruit cup. 


Busy Kids Being Kids

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

DSC_1675 - CopyDSC_1877
This was Gabby’s dress that she wore in my brother David’s wedding a couple of years ago.  She decided to make it her princess dress for the day.
And Dancing!
We got just a little bit of snow this week so the kids had to go out and play in it.  The next day it was back up to 50’s.  Crazy weather!

The kids played this little game one night at dinner. Sorry, it goes on for quite a while. Apparently there is no end to the silliness…EVER!