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Look Who’s Walking!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

Peter Michael took his first steps Friday before last (July 16th).  He pulls up on everything and can stand by himself well so we knew he was close but one night we were all playing in the bedroom and Michael yelled he just took a step!  You can definitely tell this is our second child though when it takes us almost two weeks to post a big milestone like that.  :)  Just in the last two days he’s started to get the hang of it and takes 2-3 steps at a time and is standing up all the time.  He “talks” a lot but the only words that we know right now are Sissy, Dog, Ellie, Uh Oh, This, Cat (sometimes), Duck (sometimes) and his all time favorite Daddy or DaDa.  Everything is DaDa!  A few nights ago he patted Gabby in the tub and said Sissy.  I then patted my chest and said Mama.  Peter stood up in the tub, patted my arm and said DaDa.  We repeated that pattern a few times before I gave up.  He can say Mama when he wants to be taken out of his crib though.  Right now he likes to drink milk and eat cheese and fruit.  He refuses veggies or meats.  He wrestles and likes to fall back on the bed.  So far we’ve only had one bumped head from that when he missed the bed and hit our bench instead.  He loves to hit himself in the head and says Oh then laughs.  He also loves to hit others so we’ll tell him “nice touch” and he then starts petting us.  He has been sleeping great and still taking two naps a day.  He had his second haircut last Thursday and it’s getting really full and blonde.  Maybe he’ll be a cotton top like Daddy (if you can believe Daddy used to have blonde hair let alone hair at all).  :) 

Gabby starts her first day of her new preschool on August 12th.  She’ll be going every Tue and Thur from 8-3 which is two hours longer than before.  It’s a private Christian school that goes up through 12th grade so she’ll have access to all of the real school things like a PE teacher and librarian and they attend chapel once a week.  That should be interesting and hopefully she’ll like it.  She loves to play princess right now and asks “Will you play princess with me?” ALL DAY LONG.  She also puts on little “shows” for us on our bed while we watch from the floor.  Usually it’s singing and/or dancing routines.  Sometimes she asks for crowd participation and will hold a microphone for us to sing after her.  We always said we couldn’t imagine what Gabby would be someday but it’s getting pretty apparent that she’ll be in the arts/entertainment somehow.

We’re getting ready for Fall so we can go back outside again.  Gabby is having trouble deciding between Cinderella and Ariel for Halloween.  I’m hoping that Peter can fit in the duck costume. 

Goofy Girl

This is what happens after 5 seconds with a marker.

Check out that physique. 

This is the first time Gabby wore her swimsuit this year.



Big boy.

Peter likes to smash his face into the pack n play wall.

Just wanted to say that I know it looks like we’re being biased with all of the videos of Peter Michael below but Gabby refuses to let us video her.  We have to sneak in videos if we want Gabby included.

This video might explain the behavior in the next video.  The noise you hear is Michael knocking himself in the head with a cup.

Peter loves crawling in and out of this chair.  Notice the leaf is Daddy, the train is Daddy and everything he sees along the way is Daddy.

Leading up to the big first step video we have basket walking.

And walker walking.

And finally, real walking.  It’s not much but it was just after he had taken his first step so this is his second step ever.  

This is Peter taking steps this morning.

And not to be outdone, this is a video of Gabby “reading” from her Rhyme Bible last night.  She gets a little worked up so it’s hard to understand her.  She knows the entire story of David & Goliath from her bible and can say it word for word.  It looks like she’s reading it because she knows what words are on what pages.  The first few words are “Just shook his head.  Then David turned and left the King he took his staff and took his sling and walked on down to a little stream and found five stones that were smooth and clean.”