the Paladinos

Artist Point Trail

Monday, March 24, 2014 by Leslie Paladino

Yesterday after church we loaded up and drove to Mountainburg to the Artist Point trail.  It has an amazing view of the mountains at the top of the trail.  Notice I said at the top of the trail.  That’s because you start at the top and hike DOWN into the valley.  Then you get to hike back UP.  I think I was wheezing some pretty good gibberish by the time we made it back to the top.  But we saw some beautiful scenery along the way and the kids did great. 

We always give them little bags to fill with nature treasures along the way.  This is them trying to fill the bags with water and carry it out.  That didn’t make it very far. 

A very nice, energetic girl offered to take our picture on her way down.  I wonder if she was as energetic on the way back up.  P.S. I’m wearing a jacket under my jacket in case you wonder why I look extra puffy here.  You know you were thinking it!  Smile

Snack break!

Some nice, scary stairs that they put in for everyone.

This was pretty cool.  In 3 different spots along the trail were Indian carvings.  This one was supposedly a burial site. 

The march back up the last hill.  Peter was a super trooper.  He kept calling back “we’re almost there, you can do it guys.” 

Yes!  We did it!  Now let’s never do it again.  Smile