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Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die." -- John 11:25-26








Easter basket with a new Tangled doll.

Indoor Easter egg hunt.







First Cadbury egg.



Our Easter eggs.


Monday, April 4, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

I guess it’s time for my quarterly update on the kids.  :) 

Gabby has enjoyed being 4 so far and seems content to wait patiently for being 5.  She’s still of course crazy about princesses and Tinker Bell.  However, she has also added Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael and John to the mix.  And she loves the new Disney show Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  Her favorite game is to play Wendy, Michael and John as she calls it or Jake.  Everyone has to play and we all have our standard characters.  She’s also very into drawing, coloring and painting.  We just got the Tangled movie which she is also very excited about.  She’s still growing fast and is currently 45” which is the average height of a 6 year old.  Her hair is, unfortunately, not as long as Rapunzel’s though and she really wishes she could fly like a fairy or have a tail like a mermaid. 

Peter is still our crazy boy and loves to get into everything.  He sees everything that Gabby is doing and has to do it too.  So the first words out of his mouth most mornings is “Jake” because it’s also his favorite show and we’ve found him a few times with the scissors in his little hands.  He also likes to color as you will see from the below picture.  He’s around 26-28 lbs but I’m not sure how tall.  He’s always been average weight and height so we’ll have to see if he starts sprouting like Gabby too.  He can say just about anything but his absolute favorite words are “trash truck.”  We hear “trash truck, trash truck” over and over every Tuesday morning when they pick up the trash.  He loves to eat all the standard kid things, cheetza (pizza), mac and cheese, buugeh (burger), turkey, ham, fruit.  But he refuses anything that might be healthy like veggies.  He 's started throwing fits now but is so different from Gabby was.  We can usually just say do you want to go to time out in the middle of a fit and he’s done.  He gets over things so easily and is for the most part a happy boy.  He loves to sit and read books with us and loves to give hugs and kisses.  His smile still melts my heart and makes up for anything his crazy hands get him into.

Sorry, there are going to be a lot of pictures here.  I’m past due and I just found some cute ones that I never posted from a couple of months ago. 

Gabby telling me all about her school of fish or as she calls it “class of fish at school.”

Gabby and Peter had quite a little dialogue going.  She’s asking him what he wants to take a bite of.   

I walked in on Peter reading one of his favorite books.  He has all the parts down.  He gasps when we always gasp in the book, he snores when the monkey snores and he says good night when all the animals say good night.