the Paladinos

Fun in the Snow

Sunday, January 31, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

Getting ready to go out in the snow on Friday.

Yep, those are bags on her feet.  We don’t have any good snow shoes.

Michael definitely likes the snow.


Warming up after playing in the snow.

The kids looked so cute after church we had to get some pictures.




Just having a little fun with the doll stroller.


Like Sister, Like Brother

Thursday, January 28, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

I took this video of Peter today.  He makes all kinds of interesting noises now.  One day I actually had to move to the loud side of Wal-mart because he was making his noises loud enough to hear them echo.  That’s right, he’s too loud for Wal-mart.  I guess he’s starting to pick up some things from his sister.  :)

Just to give an update of where the kids are at the moment.  Gabby has been doing okay with her potty training.  She goes no. 1 really well but we’re still working on no. 2.  I can go into more detail on that but it’s probably more than you want to hear.  She still enjoys singing around the house, painting and playing with her princesses.  Peter Michael sits up by himself pretty well and is now ready to crawl.  Or at least he wants to crawl but his body is not cooperating.  He sits up and rocks forward but just lands on his tummy and gets upset.  That’s ok though, I’m not really looking forward to his mobility.  He’s eating his baby food well now and I tried a couple of puffs today for the first time.  He ate them but wasn’t as into them as I thought he would be.  He’s still sleeping well for the most part.  We think that he can say Dadda, Bubba and Momma and actually knows what they mean. 

Is it Spring yet?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

We’ve been staying inside most of this week because of the weather and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy.  And it looks like things will not be improving the rest of the week with more bad weather on the way.  I might have to brave the cold and make an emergency trip to Hobby Lobby tonight just to get out.  To fill the day today I have been taking random pictures of the kids and even snuck in a video on Gabby without her knowing it (hence the weird angle).  She is big into The Little Mermaid right now and we both tend to break out in songs from the movie at random moments through the day.  Our favorite is “Part of Your World” which is what she’s serenading me with at full Gabby blast here.  She definitely has her daddy’s voice.  :)

Sorry, the first time I posted it was private.  This should work now.

Day one of being bored.  Gabby and I had our first ever tea party.  Don’t worry, it’s decaf.  Can you imagine a caffeinated Gabby stuck indoors?!



Peter Michael trying his first ever real food, bananas.  He’s had the baby food version of course but they have these bags that you can put real food or ice chips in and let kids suck and chew on them without choking.  He gummed it right up.  And to think, I used to think this invention was gross.    

Day three of being bored (today).  This is her sad face.

Happy face

Goofy face

And mad face

Bubba thought they were all funny.

You can tell that Gabby must be getting bored too because she was all about taking pictures today.