the Paladinos

Big Cedar

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

We took a little trip to Big Cedar as our quick trip summer vacation.  We loved it!  Lazy river, swimming pools, mini golf, beach with paddle boats, canoes and kayaks.  It was seriously perfect.  So glad we have access to so many amazing places close to home.  I didn’t get many pictures because we were in the water so much. 

Gramma & Gabby in the paddle boat and Daddy & Peter in the canoe.

Don’t they look excited to have their picture taken!


War Eagle

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

We started our summer with a trip to the War Eagle Mill.  We’ve never really been through the mill and thought it might be interesting. 

Wet bottom!

Laughing at Peter’s wet bottom.  Smile


Fun & Field Day

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

Ok, this will FINALLY finish out Gabby’s Kindergarten year.  They had a Fun & Field Day where the kids got to play outside water games, bounce arounds and snow cones.  I think at this point the kids, teachers and parents were a little exhausted and ready to start our Summer.  We all loved Kindergarten though and made so many sweet memories.  I know Gabby was the only one who actually went to Kindergarten this year but I feel like we’ve all been through it with her.  I’m sure 1st grade will bring it’s own set of amazing memories too though.  1st grade here we come!