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Kindergarten Celebration

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

And in keeping with the ridiculously late blog posts I guess it’s finally time to post about Gabby’s Kindergarten Celebration.  After all, next week she’ll be a 1st grader.  I can’t believe it!  So not ready for that.  And really not ready for Summer to be over but Gabby is excited to start her new year. 

Anyway…below are pictures from the Celebration night.  The kids dressed up and got to perform on stage at the Arend Arts Center at the Bentonville High School.  I brought our video camera but forgot to erase all of the previous recordings so we ran out of room and didn’t get a video of any of the songs.  But we did get a picture of Gabby getting her Citizenship Award!  We were so proud of her!!  2 students from each class were selected for the award and our sweet Gabby girl was one of the 2 from her class.  The award goes to someone who has been a good example for the rest of the class with behavior and attitude.  She was a little embarrassed but very proud to get an award.  It was a great night and a sweet finish to our year. 


This is her I’m a fabulous diva movie star look that she loves to give sometimes. Smile


Arrgh! Kindergarten Pirate Party

Thursday, July 11, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

One of the big events at the end of the school year was a Pirate Adventure that was planned by all the Kindergarten home room moms.  There are some amazingly creative, talented mommies out there!  I loved seeing how it all came together and the kids had a great time. 

Our class was in charge of the Photo Booth.  My co-home room mom Tracy did such a good job pulling everything together.  I love how it turned out and the kids did a good job getting creative with poses, etc.

One of my contributions.  Pirate flags listing each class and buckets of sand and treasure for each of the tables. 

Some of the other cute booths.  Pirate Sword Ring Toss


This one was amazing!  One of the moms made this treasure map just using blue cupcakes from SAM’S and she added all of the extra toppings to make it into a map.  So creative!

Pirate ship food table
All of the sweet Kindergarten teachers

Dancing of course!

Splash Park Field Trip…From 2 Months Ago

Thursday, July 11, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

You’ll probably notice a theme to my blog posts.  They’re all pretty outdated.  It’s a little ridiculous how behind I’ve gotten so please forgive the onslaught of posts in the next few hours or days depending on when I get around to posting them all.  Smile  I have A LOT of end of year school stuff from Gabby’s school starting with this field trip to the splash park.  I must have been lazy with the camera this day because you can’t actually see the splash park in any of the pictures but trust me, it’s there.  This was popsicles in the grass after playing in the water.

“Don’t take my picture mom!”