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Family Pics

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

I’ve been behind in posts as always so I’m just getting these out here.  We had these done in November at the U of A.  Beaty Photography took them and did such a good job working with the kids ( 











Merry Christmas (a little late)

Sunday, December 27, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Christmas Card -09

We have had a great December and been busy as usual for us this time of year.  A few weekends ago we went to Branson with our friends from Ft. Smith, kids and all.  I took Gabby to Silver Dollar City for the first time while poor Michael stayed in the room with Peter.  It stopped raining just as we pulled in the parking lot and turned out to be a perfect visit.  Unfortunately sleeping with both kids in one hotel room was not so perfect and not something we’ll try again.  Gabby gagged herself and let’s just say it’s not fun changing the sheets and bathing a screaming toddler at midnight.  Oh well!  We had a great time anyway. 

Last weekend was the Paladino Christmas party in Little Rock.  As always we had a great time with everyone and Gabby got to enjoy her big girl cousins again.  Peter Michael was in his usual  good mood and loved being held by everyone.

We spent Christmas in Berryville with my family and made visits back and forth between my mom and my dad.  Gabby had such a good time playing with her cousins and her Aunt and Uncles.  We definitely now have thoroughly spoiled children who will have to get back to reality this week.  And we’re also wondering, how in the world could two such small children have so many toys!  But thank you to everyone who provided them because they both love them all.   

Opening her present with Papa Dino.

Peter Michael opening his first ever Christmas present which was a ball popper thing that he loves.  Thanks Uncle Chris and Aunt Shelley!

The leaves were a big hit with the kids.

All lined up on the wall about to jump off into the leaves.  Except Gabby because “she might get hurt” as she said.  Maybe we’ve been a little too cautious with her. 

Here they go!


The ball popper thing.

MeeMaw with her girls. 

Michael had to take Gabby’s place on Santa’s lap.

Another first for Peter Michael.

Gabby loves her Uncle Chris.

Peter Michael in his new sweater that MeeMaw knit for him.  Perfect fit!

Our Family

Gabby lined up all her presents in a row on Christmas morning and is waiting to open them.

I love this look.


Gabby with her new princess pillow (which she is now sleeping with).

Trying out her new pillow and blanket.


Reading one of her new books and twisting her hair just like mommy used to do. 

This is what we look like without the kids attached (although if you look closely there’s a blonde head at the bottom of the picture) :)



Peter with Santa Clause again.  Santa needs to work on his smile.  :)

Uncle John was a big hit this weekend.

The Latest

Saturday, December 5, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

For the past two weeks we have been potty training with Gabby.  This time it’s a keeper!  We have tried it several times over the last few months and it hasn’t taken but she finally seems ready.  She wears diapers to bed but when she’s awake and home she wears panties and hasn’t had an accident in almost a week.  This time we’re keeping the potty chair in the living room so she can run to it when nature calls.  We figured, hey, our son sleeps in our closet,  why not let Gabby potty in the living room.  She’s very proud of herself every time she goes and loves getting her little treats which we’ll have to cut out soon. 

Peter is doing well and is such a happy baby as you can tell from the below videos.  He’s doing well with his food and has started opening his little mouth like a bird instead of us having to force it down.  His sleeping habits are still pretty irregular.  He’ll sleep through the night about once a week and the rest of the week is up once or more a night.

We spent Thanksgiving in Conway at my grandma’s new house (which is very nice and comfy).  The kids did well (other than the first nights sleep) and Gabby loved being with her family.  She’s very excited about Christmas and insists on listening to Christmas music every time we’re in the car. 

And just in case you wonder why she isn’t in any pictures below, she’s not very into pictures right now. 

He’s a bad biker baby (with a mohawk if you can’t tell)

Kicked back in his ducky tub


Peter in his Christmas p.j.’s

Gabby in the same p.j.’s. 

We had Peter dedicated last week.  This is his little outfit.

Don’t worry, Daddy is just out of camera range ready to catch him if he falls.

Peter Michael had just learned how to roll over from his tummy to his back.  (11/10/09)

Gabby loves to pretend she is a mermaid and the blanket is her ocean.  We love her imagination. 

This shows how well he sits up now.  Also as a side note, this was taken at 11:00 last night.  Don’t you wish you had this much energy that late.

Daddy’s so funny.