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Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

We’ve had a great Halloween weekend.  Gabby has been ready since she woke up this morning to go trick or treating and could hardly stand it that she had to wait until tonight.  We went with some friends who have two little girls about the same age as Gabby and Peter.  The kids had so much fun ringing doorbells and getting their candy and we had just as much fun watching them.  Peter was pretty confused at first as to why he couldn’t just stop and eat the candy.  But by the end of the night he caught on that you push your way to the front and hold out your hand for more candy.  Then he would run back down the sidewalk yelling ahhhh until he got to the rest of the group.  After trick or treating we came back to the house and waited for kids to trick or treat us while we pigged out (a little) on candy.  It’s been a great Halloween!

We tried the duck costume on but it was a little tight and just didn’t look right on him. 

But the Little Stinker costume was a perfect fit and … well… he is a little stinker.

Gabby/Peter Comparisons



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Eating an Icee Pop

And of course our little Tinker Bell.
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Trick or Treating with Aubrie and Lily
P1040730 P1040734
Peter trying to catch up.
Excited about getting candy!
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