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Pause for a Non Vacation Post: Peter’s Field Trip

Friday, October 26, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

I’m not done posting about our vacation yet but Peter had a field trip to the corn maze yesterday so I thought I would throw that out before I let too much time pass.

Ornery, Ornery, Ornery!

This is when they decided to let the kids play with the corn cannon.  As you can see…Peter is not running in the right direction and yes he has his hands over his ears.  He has delicate ears.  :) 


Florida Vacation (post 2): A Day at the Beach

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

GranDeb is about an hour away from the beach so we had to take advantage and take the kids.  It was their first time seeing the ocean and they had mixed reactions. 

Gabby loved it!  She was so excited and danced to, in and around the water.   She would have been all the way out in the big waves if we had let her.  Peter was impressed with the waves at first and said “cool” but when it came to actually putting his feet in the water he said no way.  He didn’t like the way the water pulled the sand out from under his feet and made him feel like it was going to pull him out too.  But he loved playing in the sand and had fun digging and building. 

Michael of course loved the ocean too and had to get out in the big waves and play.  As for me…I’m with Peter!  I have some phobia issues with the ocean.  I tried doing a little wadding, literally just up to my ankles, maybe calves and then something touched my foot and I was done.  I just can’t handle not being able to see what I’m walking in.  I guess no romantic walks on the beach for this girl.  :)

Nope, can’t do it Dad.

Just a Daddy-Gabby thing.

”I wanna go back to GranDeb’s.”

“Oh my gosh, this is amazing, I just can’t believe it, this is awesome!!”

Had to take a picture of the yellow Monster Minivan. 

Florida Vacation: And Away We Go

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

Since Gabby is in year round school we’ve been on October break for the last two weeks. Love it! I wish we could continue on this calendar straight through High School but unfortunately it only goes through 4th grade in this district. But we’ll take it for as long as we can get it.

Taking advantage of the cooler temps, cheaper rates and fewer crowds we decided to make our way to Florida to visit GranDeb. This is by far the farthest that we’ve been with our little turkeys and they did so well! We just couldn’t wrap our minds around 18 hours in the car with a 5 year old and 3 year old and decided to fly instead. I have many, many things that I could say about our experience with Allegiant but I will keep it to a few words. I don’t like them! Extra charges for EVERYTHING, bad service and way too many restrictions. But they got us there so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

The kids did great on the plane and loved flying. We were really nervous about Peter because he has some serious issues with loud noises but he thought it was all very exciting. He even struck up a conversation with our seat mate on both flights.

For all my dislike of flying with Allegiant I will admit it was very nice to have a two hour flight with no layovers. We were on the ground in no time and had excellent shuttle service from GranDeb.

The kids loved playing with (not in) GranDeb’s pool. It was a little cold so they spent a lot of time running around the pool and dipping feet and hands in. I’m shocked that we didn’t have someone fall in (my bet was on Peter) but no mishaps other than wet PJ’s every morning. :)

In the airport.
Peter just hanging out while we waited to board. 

GranDeb and Mr. Bill’s dog Honey

Peter explaining something very important then showing Gabby below.

This was from our last day. Gabby decided to give Peter “swimming lessons.” I don’t think he was a very cooperative student.