the Paladinos

Fun in the Park

Sunday, September 25, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

It was such a beautiful day outside that Michael convinced us to go to a small local park to play and walk.  We had a great afternoon/evening in the perfect weather. 

Gabby playing in “Rapunzel’s hair”


We found lots of walnuts to play with.  I should have taken a picture of Peter’s gross brown hand that is permanently stained from the walnut. 

What a sweet smile from my sweet Pete.  He had this smile all day.     

Throwing a walnut and in the next picture catching it. 

Do you see the squirrel?  He was making some crazy little noises.


And dancing.

And dancing. 

DSC_1252DSC_1253a Fuse
Indulging mom with a sweet picture. 


Yep, We’re Still Here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

Yes, we are still alive and no, I haven’t forgotten we have a blog…we’ve just been a little busy with our Fall schedule kicking back in and ok, I’ll say it…I can be a little lazy sometimes. 

Gabby and Peter both started back to school in mid August and are now going to the same school on Monday’s and Wednesday’s.  Can you guess which days of the week are my favorite now?  Not to say I don’t enjoy my time with the kids too but it is nice to be able to get a few things done without them.  Gabby loves her class and has a new friend that she adores.  Peter still isn’t sold on his class and cries every morning but the teacher says that he has a good day and he’s always happy when I pick him up.  His comments are, “Mommy, eat all my runch (or lunch if you don’t speak Peter)” and “pay wif twucks.” 

Gabby has also started soccer which has been highly entertaining for all of us.  She loves her coaches and soccer friends and she plays really…umm, let’s just say she’s there and she’s happy.  Yesterday was our first game and she was very excited and a little nervous.  Michael and I were nervous too.  We couldn’t sit still and just kind of paced the field.  When she went in she started as a goalie and luckily the other girls on her team are animals and wouldn’t even let the ball near the other teams goal.  Seriously, they should start recruiting in the 4-5 year old teams for college.  These girls are good!  Then they let her run the field (don’t know if that’s the right terminology but you get the idea).  She walked after the ball and sometimes skipped, she waved hi to us, she tried to hug her other team mates and I think she even sat down at one point.  Keep in mind, this is while she was in the game and supposed to be playing.  So we had a little pep talk with her mid way through the game and boy did it work, I said “Take that great attitude and run after the ball as fast as you can.”  She said “ok” and that’s exactly what she did.  She ran as fast as we’ve ever seen her run straight for that ball but unfortunately it was in the middle of the game and she wasn’t playing.  There was no slowing her down and Michael had to run out and bring her back.  It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen but then she saw that other people were laughing and got really upset.  Poor Gabby!  She was just doing what I told her to do.  But after a little break and a lot of hugs she got back on that field and really tried to get the ball.  We’re so proud of our little Cyclone! 

Next time I’ll remember to take the camera to get some better pics.  She was so cute in her little jersey!

Yesterday was “cowgirl or cowboy” day at school.  Thank you Aubrie for letting us borrow your hat! 

And now just some random pictures from the last few well, I guess months since that’s how long it’s been since my last post.  :)

We got a small above ground pool for the backyard this summer.  This is Gabby getting ready to try it out for the first time. 

Love that physique. 

I saw this on a blog and decided to try it.  It’s a burger made with cookies and colored coconut and icing.  Fries from wafers and pretzel and white chocolate eggs with an m&m.

Getting ready for our first soccer practice. 

And my favorite picture.  This is a shark from Chuck E Cheese in a princess dress.  Gabby cut the fins off the shark to help him fit in the dress, then cried when she didn’t like it but it turned out okay because he does fit in the dress better now.  :)  Only from the mind of a 4 year old.