the Paladinos

1st Grade End of Year party

Thursday, June 19, 2014 by Leslie Paladino

They had to figure out a way to get an oreo from their nose into their mouth without using their hands.  I’m not sure anyone actually conquered this one.
They had to eat a donut without using their hands.  Gabby rocked it with some huge bites.  Lets just say she gets lots of practice with donuts on the weekends.
And they finished it off with the prettiest little tp mummy around.

Happy 5th Birthday Peter!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 by Leslie Paladino

Happy birthday to the sweetest boy I know!  It is a blessing to be his mommy and I am so thankful for his joyful, easy going spirit.  He is one of a kind and cracks us up on a daily basis.  I hope that little personality never changes! 

Ironically Peter is celebrating his 5th birthday with Fifth Disease hence the pink cheeks.  It’s going around big time here but at least the only symptom is a rash. 

Peter decided he wanted to just celebrate with family this year.  He got to go shopping today with his birthday money which he loved and we finished off the day with mexican food and cake.  He’s also asked to go camping/fishing with Mimi and Papa Mike and make his own car at Ridemakerz in Branson which we’ll be doing over the next couple of weekends. 

Peters 5th birthday interview.studio3