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Our Big Girl

Monday, September 15, 2008 by Leslie Paladino

Well, it's time for the latest update on our big girl.  Miss Gabby is really starting to earn her name.  She was very talkative this weekend and is really trying to enunciate words which sounds so funny.  She can say a lot of words now including, yum yum, fish, done, dog, please, amen (when singing if you're happy and you know it), duck, me, me, me, and me.  We hear that one a lot now.  When we tell her animal names she repeats the names back with her version of how to say it.  She can understand a lot of things that we tell her and understands to go and get things when asked or throw something away.  She helps mommy in the kitchen sometimes with pouring or carrying things back and forth.  We've been practicing sharing and being nice to Mr. Teddy Bear because she might have had a few problems with that at Mothers Day Out.  Let's just say there was a hair pulling and face scratching incident.  But I guess that's normal at this age.

She had a very big Labor Day weekend and the pictures are included below as well as some pictures from a recent Papa Mike and Mimi visit.  Thank you for the toys!  She's been very occupied with her kitcen and car.  She just keeps getting more and more fun and is such a sweet little girl.  Also included below are some random pictures playing with the new camera.      

Playing in her friend Hudson's pool at his 2nd birthday party

Playing with Dexter dog

Yes, she's going in a doggie door

And coming back out

Visit with Papa Mike, Mimi, and cousin Arleigh

Swinging with cousin Arleigh

Peek a boo

Playing with her new car

This girl isn't scared of anything

This is when she decided she wanted to be a skunk for halloween

Walking in mommy's shoes and socks