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Gabby’s Class Rise & Shine

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 by Leslie Paladino

Gabby’s class performed at their Monday morning assembly yesterday.  She was nervous but did so great with her line.  If I


1st Day of School!

Friday, August 8, 2014 by Leslie Paladino

Whoops!  I kind of missed a whole Summer of blogging there.  But that’s kind of been my pattern over the last few months.  We had a great Summer but it definitely seemed too short.  We started back to school last Friday with one big change this year.  My baby is in Kindergarten!  I have been dreading this for the past year and have done a lot of worrying over whether or not he’s ready and what my life as a mommy with 2 kids in school is going to look like.  My anxiety definitely kicked it up a notch last week with the day finally approaching but with sweet prayers from friends and some quiet time myself God gave me a peace and assurance that he is holding my little ones.  So we all made it through the first day without any tears and everyone came home with big smiles at the end of the day,

We’re one week in at this point and everyone is still all smiles.  Peter has surprised me with how well he’s doing.  If I remember correctly after Gabby’s first week of Kindergarten she was exhausted and an emotional mess.  But Peter hasn’t even fallen asleep on the couch once which is kind of his thing.  He can fall asleep anywhere in any position.  I mean seriously…he has a gift!  These are pictures from just one week of Peter’s summer.  Smile 

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He loves recess of course and playing with toys when they first get into the classroom.  I have to do a lot of digging to get much more information out of him in typical boy fashion.  His teacher is Dr. Ross and we think she will be the perfect teacher for Peter because she is very structured.  He hasn’t made any friends yet but I’m guessing he plays with people more than he’s saying.  I get a lot of “it’s hard to remember” when I ask questions.  I’ve been walking him in until this morning and a few days ago I asked him if he was ready to walk in by himself yet or if he was still nervous.  He said “Mom, I’m not scared!  I just want to spend a little more time with you.”  Smile Melt my heart! 

Gabby is loving 2nd grade so far.  She has Mrs. Bever who seems very sweet and Gabby loves her.  She has a lot of friends in her class this year and has already made a new friend.  Last year she was a little iffy on reading but she said it’s her favorite thing so far this year.  I think she will have a little more independence this year which she will love.  She even has text books this year.  Yikes!  Science and Social Studies.  I wasn’t ready to see those in her little cubby but I guess that has to start at some point.  She’s such a smarty pants like her daddy though thank goodness so she’ll do fine.  And she loves that her little brother is at school with her.  She proudly walked him to class this morning and they say they’re so excited to see each other at the end of the day waiting for pick up.  When I pulled up today I caught her giving him a kiss on the head.  Love seeing how close they’ve gotten lately! 

And I have been enjoying the last week.  With the kids gone I finally have time to do my nails every day, lounge in bubble baths, and spend most of the afternoon watching my stories.  Ha!  Right!  But I have to admit that I’ve struggled with the perception people will have of me still staying at home even though the kids are in school.  I assume that’s what people are going to think I spend my day doing.  But God is working on me about that too and I’m trying to appreciate the fact that I have been given the gift of being ABLE to stay at home.  I’ve spent a couple of days at school doing Tuesday folders and helping in the office which I think I will love.  This is the first year that I won’t be home room mom which is kind of a relief.  But I can definitely find ways to keep myself busy at school or at home so don’t judge me people!  Oops sorry.  Smile  I’m still working on that. 

DSC_6397    DSC_6420





My sweet boy walking in without me this morning.  I think this has been one of the hardest things for me to get used to.  Having him get out of the car with his sister this morning.  And sitting in car line without him, then seeing him run to the car and get in all by himself.