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Peter’s Field Trip

Thursday, September 20, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

Peter took his first field trip today to the fire station.  You would think he would be so excited about fire trucks since he loves, loves, loves trucks.  But his fear of loud noises overrode his love of trucks and he was a little nervous about going.  He had a good time though and had a great time at the park afterwards.

They have rows of recliners set up in the break room and a big projector screen for their tv.  I’m surprised more men don’t become firemen with that kind of setup. :)
I love his stance in all these pictures.  He was nervous so he was very careful and proper with how he carried himself. 
Best one I could get of him going up in the truck.
IMG_1709IMG_1711IMG_1712IMG_1716  IMG_1723IMG_1724