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Iced In

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Since we've been iced in for the first part of this week Gabby and I decided to entertain ourselves with some videos and pictures.  We are very blessed not to be affected too much by all of the ice.  Unfortunately all of our NWA friends and family are stranded with no electricity. 








All of the grandparents should like this one (the first few names are dogs just in case you wonder).


Monday, January 26, 2009 by Michael Paladino

We had our first official ultrasound today and found out that we're having a boy.  I had a very quick surprise ultrasound last week at the dr's office and thought that it was a boy but it was definitely confirmed today.  He's about 1 lb and they have him due about the same time as our original due date so we'll just say June 1st still.  He was very active and healthy.  We've included a video and pictures.  As you can see his little legs are up by his head so he's quite flexible.  Just in case you can't tell what's what in the video his head is on the right and his heart is in the middle of the screen.  His legs are on the left and they extend up to his head.  Sometimes the screen will switch to a foot or hand shot and when they show his profile you can see his tongue moving and his little mouth opening and closing (I think he's saying Mama). 

Gabby is handling the news well although she has said Sissy a lot today.  We'll just say that she's excited about being a big sister instead of saying that she wants a Sissy.  Sometimes she seems happy about the baby and will pet my belly and sometimes she just says No, No when we say something about the baby.  She'll be a good big Sissy though. 

We're very excited and can't wait to see more of this little guy. 


The money shot.  The arrow is pointing at the confirmation that it's a boy, just in case you can't tell.I20090126083752578

You can see his little foot up on his head.

His arm is extending out and he's pointing to the right here with his little finger. 

We're Back

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

You're all probably wondering if Gabby has started college now since it's been so long since we last updated the blog.  It's been a very long December but things seem to be slowing down now.  Michael and I started out the month celebrating our 6th Anniversary in Branson.  It was a wonderful trip and I wish we were there relaxing now.  The rest of the month included several Christmas's with family and traveling here and there.  Most of the pictures below are not from Christmas because I'm lazy and don't feel like downloading them from the camera. 

Gabby has gotten even more talkative and can say just about anything.  It's just understanding her that's hard now.  She has very specific ideas about what she wants to do every day and doesn't mind letting you know.  She usually likes being the center of attention but takes about 30 minutes to warm up to people.  She can have a bit of a temper when she doesn't get her way but also gives the best hugs and kisses and can be such a sweet, affectionate girl. 

Silver Dollar City





Gabby has three faces that she'll do for us.  This is Big Smile.


This is Tilt Your Head and SmileP1030475

And this is Mean Face.  Pretty scary huh.