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Wednesday, June 18, 2008 by Leslie Paladino

Well, it's time for the latest Gabby update.  This last weekend was a big one in our house.  Gabby played in her pool for the first time and had her FIRST KISS!  Friday night we had a Sunday School fellowship at a local park.  She and a little boy a few months older than her were running off into the field when he stopped, Gabby then stopped and turned around, walked back over to him, put her little hand on his arm and leaned in and kissed him.  Can you believe it?!  That is so not like our Gabby girl.  So we came home and had a long talk about how evil boys are and that you should never ever kiss them.  I think she understands now.  :)  On Sunday afternoon she played in her blow up pool for this first time.  The water was nice and warm but she was pretty hesitant.  She didn't want to sit down in it so she just stood up as you can see from the below videos.  Tuesday was a very fun day and Gabby was in a wonderful mood.  She has been teething pretty heavily for the past two weeks and hasn't been in a very good mood but yesterday we got to see the real Gabby which is a sweet, fun little girl.  She laughed all day and started making a high pitched squeal that is adorable and if you can't tell on the video below is done very much out of fun.  I was handing her a cracker at Walmart and said "please" hoping that one day she'll pick that up and just as clear as a bell she said "plah" which definitely meant please.  Her little "L" was so pronounced and so cute.  Mommy is very proud!

Her list of words now include, mama, dada, hi, bye, shoe, duck, please, and I think dog.  She loves airplanes and points whenever she hears one, inside or outside.  She's into just about everything and doesn't like to focus on one thing too long.  She has really started imitating us so I guess we'll have to be more careful about all those obscene gestures we make.  :)  She likes to play with a fork and spoon when she eats and can get it into her mouth pretty good.  So that's it for our news.

Video - Pool 1

Video - Pool 1

Video - Pool 2


Helping Mommy with her milkshake

Feeding the baby doll


Friday, June 6, 2008 by Leslie Paladino

Sorry, we've gotten a little behind with our blogging.  A couple of weekends ago we went camping with Papa Mike, Mimi and Arleigh.  We all had a great time and Gabby loved being outdoors.  She got to see trout at a hatchery, play on a jungle gym, swing with cousin Arleigh, etc.  We won't talk about the sleeping situation or lack there of but other than that we had a really good time. 

Getting ready for camping with Dad

Mowing the grass

She found that riding the mower was much more fun than using it

We took a hike that overlooked the hatchery