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12 Days of Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

Last week gifts started appearing on our front porch.  The first night there was a note with a poem about a partridge in a pear tree, a basket of pears, and a book on the 12 days of Christmas.  We were gone that night so we weren’t there when the gifts were dropped off.  There wasn’t a name telling us who it was from so we were a little wary to say the least.  The next night we were also gone and returned to a container of Dove chocolates and chocolate Turtles (2 Turtle Doves) and another note with a cute poem.  At that point we started catching on that someone was acting out the 12 Days of Christmas for us (yes, we’re a little slow).  The next night we were home but by the time Michael got to the door they were already gone and had left a container of Panera chicken soup, a loaf of French bread (3 French Hens) and another poem.  The fourth night we were totally ready.  We had our small group over for our Christmas party and had updated them on what was going on so they knew what to expect when Michael sprinted to the door.  He was there seconds after they rang the bell but he still couldn’t catch them.  This time we had 4 Angry Bird magnets (4 calling birds).  The next night we were gone again and came home to 5 Krispy Kreme donuts (5 golden rings).  Tonight I was in the office and heard them walking up the sidewalk and was on my way to the peep hole when they knocked and still couldn’t catch even a glimpse of someone.  We can’t figure out how they’re moving so fast but it’s impressive!  They left a candy jar with red, green, white and gold candy or our “eggs” from the 6 geese a laying.  It’s been a lot of fun and is now something that we look forward to every night.  I hope we’ll get to meet our mystery friends by the 12th day.  If you’re reading this mystery friend, Thank you!  A lot of time and effort has gone into this.  And as a side note…you should totally be a spy or professional criminal or something with get away moves like those. 


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