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Silver Dollar City, The Sequel

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

A few weekends ago we went back to Silver Dollar City for the day.  We didn’t expect to stay too long but Gabby had so much fun riding all the rides that we spent most of the afternoon there.  Last time she was very hesitant and only wanted to ride the small rides but this time she was gung ho and went on everything.  Michael had to ride everything with her since I get motion sickness.  We’ll probably make one more trip to SDC around Christmas time to see all the lights.  I have so many fun memories from there when I was a kid and am so glad that Gabby and Peter will get to make their own now.



Michael and Gabby got thrown in the slammer again. 




Poor Michael was squeezed into this little bug and the only guy on the ride.  He’s a good sport!

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