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Beautiful Weather

Friday, September 3, 2010 by Leslie Paladino

Thank you Lord for this cool, beautiful weather!  We’ve been playing outside all morning and are looking forward to a weekend spent out of the house.  Some of the pics below are from our much appreciated day out today.  Gabby has started to enjoy her brother now that he’s getting mobile.  She takes his hand and helps him walk and will run with him sometimes.  Today she was loving on him out on the swing.  I think she’s really going to like having someone else to play with when he gets bigger. 

Peter is walking up a storm and has just about mastered it.  He’s into everything but I’m so thankful he’s not crawling around now and can get down when we’re out.  He can now say cheese, quack like a duck, blow all sorts of kisses, make a kissing sound and give real (slobbery) kisses.  He is going to be such a little helper and throws things away when I ask, put things away (although sometimes he gets this confused with throwing away) and take people things.  He loves to get Gabby’s drink or toys and take it to her.  He’s the sweetest little thing and is still full of smiles.  He’s been having stomach problems but has finally worked those out and is eating everything which is wonderful after wondering if he would starve to death.  We’ve got a ways to go if we’re going to make him into a big, solid football player.   

Gabby is still doing well in school.  She’s been crying at drop off but yesterday she did well and I think has gotten past it.  She really likes her teacher and her friends.  She goes to chapel one day a week, the library, and recess.  They have been learning name games to help remember each others names, how to write letters, and about the calendar.  She’s also in the big girls class at church and really likes that.  We think that school and the older class at church has already had a good impact on her. She doesn’t seem quite as shy or hesitant to try things.  She’s still of course into princesses at home and her thing now is to print off pictures from the internet and cut them out. 

Michael and I are enjoying getting back into a schedule with Fall activities starting up.  Our Wednesday night group is meeting again and I’m in a Tuesday bible study.  It’s been so nice and refreshing to be out of the house and busy again.  Michael’s work is busy as usual. 



She’s really not trying to strangle him here, just holding on to him to keep him from flying out the swing.

Ellie enjoyed the nice weather today too.


Gabby let me take pictures of her today so I just kept taking them.



This is of course what she did when I asked her to smile.







Just hanging out in the doll stroller.  The kids love this thing.

Reading with his big bear.  He has just started loving books and will bring them to me to read to him. 




She just got this tutu this week and of course loves it. 



Peter is obsessed with Ellie.  He yells her name all over the house and loves to talk to her.

This is why she was sitting so calmly on the rug with him.  He gives her a treat every time she comes in from outside.

He can now also tell us yes.  He nods his head and opens and closes his jaw in a yeah, yeah way.  It’s pretty cute and is so nice to have him tell us what he wants. 
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