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Back to School!

Sunday, August 16, 2015 by Leslie Paladino

Next up, Back to School!  The kids started back 2 weeks ago since they’re in year round school.  We start earlier and stay later but we like the schedule with the 2 week Oct and May breaks.  Gabby is a big time 3rd grader now and my baby Peter is a 1st grader.  And I still want to scream NOOOO every time I say that.  Sad smile


Gabby girl is doing great in 3rd grade.  Or at least the portion that she’s been there after that pesky little walking pneumonia episode. Her teacher is Mrs. Clark and we LOVE her so far.  She’s very upbeat and fun but also structured and organized.  Just right for our little perfectionist (what can I say, she get’s it honest!).  And this girl is so ready to be a big girl.  She’s outgrown silly things like princesses, backpacks and children’s menus.  It’s all about Disney Descendants (if you haven’t heard of it, Gabby can tell you ALL about it), non cartoon tween shows, messenger bags, and ordering $8 adult food.  Where did my little girl go?   


Peter on the other hand is not loving 1st grade so far.  He has Mrs. Brazzeal and she also seems very organized and structured which is what Peter needs to help him stay on track.  But he gets very nervous and stressed every morning and even the night before and always asks not to go.  He just told me at the end of last week that he has been crying “a little” every day at school when he starts his work.  He thinks that it’s too hard and I think that he is afraid to ask his teacher questions.  But he came home last Thursday and Friday and said that they were the best days yet and he didn’t cry at all.  It breaks my heart to know that he’s going to school anxious and upset but we’re working through it with him slowly and surely and trying to encourage him as much as possible.  I think that he’ll outgrow it as he gets more confident with what he can do and everything isn’t so new. DSC_7463
He was excited to get a desk this year instead of being at a table. 

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