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Where did we go?

Sunday, November 10, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

I can’t believe I haven’t updated the blog since July!  That’s definitely a record for me.  There seems to be a correlation between zero blog posts and school starting again.  I guess we’ve been on the run since then.  So my next few posts will be playing catch up since August.  Yikes!  I’ll hit the highlights here.

Gabby loves the 1st grade.  She has an amazing teacher, Mrs. Ford, who we love!  Gabby has really started taking off with her reading, art and math.  She loves everything they have been learning and loves to put it into play at home.  Poor Peter has been getting all kinds of lessons from Gabby.  Maybe she’ll be a teacher some day. 


Peter started his last year in PK.  I absolutely can’t believe that my baby will be in Kindergarten next year.  So not ready!  He is going 3 days a week and loves being in school.  He’s really started coming out of his shell and has all kinds of friends at school.  He’s even started chasing girls on the playground.  Smile  He’s starting to get a little more interested in art and has been drawing… what else, trucks!  This kid loves anything with wheels.  He’s getting very independent and really wants to learn how to do things for himself.   
1st day of Preschool Picture


Peter started soccer this year.  I would love to say that he’s a natural but I can’t.  He loves it and has a great attitude though so that’s something. In the picture below it looks like he’s about to kick the ball.    I can pretty much assure you that didn’t happen.  But we’re hoping that he’ll be more interested in a couple of years when he actually understands what’s going on. 

Costume Carnival at school


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