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Birthday Weekend

Monday, April 29, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

My birthday was this last week and since I’m a lady I won’t tell how old I am but let’s just say it rhymes with shmirty pour. Smile My actual birthday was a pretty normal day but Michael did send me beautiful flowers and I got to have my traditional birthday “Death by Chocolate” cake from Rick’s. It may seem weird to have to have a whole cake every year for my birthday but it’s been my thing for at least the last 11 years and I love it! And thanks to my wonderful parents we were really able to celebrate this weekend. My mom offered to take the kids so Michael and I could get some very needed down time. I definitely feel like a new person now and am ready to take on my mid shmirties. Smile

We ended the weekend by meeting my parents at Crystal Bridges to get our little turkey’s back and enjoy the beautiful day outside. Their grounds are so amazing right now with Spring finally in full swing.

If you saw my last post then you know Peter is saying something like “I’m tired and it’s too bwight” in this picture.

Gabby insisted on doing this pose for the picture. With the first picture she said “Did you get my legs?” which I didn’t so we had to go back and do this one the right way. Love my diva!

Here Gabby is with an artist who they had stationed by one of the trails. She had things set up so kids could stop and draw a picture and Gabby of course wanted to do it. She gave Gabby some great tips and some tips for us too on how to encourage Gabby’s artistic nature. Love that they do things like this!

Peter is giving me a lesson on how to draw an A in the dirt.

Gabby with her finished masterpieces.

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