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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 by Leslie Paladino

Last Friday Gabby’s school had their annual Art Auction.  Each class had to participate in an art project that was later auctioned off to support the school.  I coordinated the project for Gabby’s class and after a little research came up with the below project.  The kids drew pictures on plastic plates with sharpie’s then I baked the plates in the oven for a few minutes which melted them into interesting shapes.  Then I hung them from a wire wreath form to create…well, I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s some sort of art form.  I have to confess though that I was so disappointed that the piece only went for $50 which was the lowest item of the few that we stayed to see.  Sad smile  Oh well!  I thought it turned out pretty cool for some plastic plates hanging from a wreath form.   Gabby’s class also did a cute little performance at the art auction.  They did such a good job!

On Monday their class was also in charge of the morning assembly.  Gabby was so nervous because she had to memorize a line and read it with her friend Kole.  But she did such a good job and was so darn cute up there.  I love her little personality!  She also received a t-shirt for completing all of her AR testing (reading tests). 

Art Auction Performance

Art Auction Mona Lisa
Gabby’s interpretation of the Mona Lisa.  So proud of my little artist! 

The finished art piece

Monday Morning Assembly

P1060465AR Shirt


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