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Sunday, January 16, 2011 by Leslie Paladino

I guess it’s finally time to post the pictures from our Christmas’s.  We celebrated the weekend before Christmas with Gramma and Grampa.  Christmas Eve we opened presents at home then drove to Little Rock and that evening put up a Christmas tree at Papa Dino’s with Uncle Chris and Aunt Shelley.  Christmas breakfast was pancakes, bacon and eggs at Papa Dino’s followed by lunch in Carlisle with the Uhiren family and dinner in Conway with the Pitts family.  Sunday was the Paladino Christmas party at Papa Dino’s.  It was a busy weekend but we enjoyed seeing everyone and just wish we could have spent more time at each spot.  And would you believe we didn’t get a single picture from Christmas day!  I guess next year we’ll need to slow down and get out the camera.  There are also some random pictures that we took last month.  I can’t seem to find the pictures from Gramma and Grampa’s Christmas so I’ll have to post those another time (if I ever find them).

Putting up the kids tree at home.

Apparently you don’t need pants for that.


Opening presents at home Christmas Eve.

You’ll notice a theme with the Peter pictures from that morning.  I don’t think he’s awake yet.

Paper doll collection


Putting up the tree at Papa Dino’s.  They used the ornaments from when Chris and Michael were little. 

Opening presents before the Paladino party.

Michael got ”The Tie” this year.  It’s a family tradition that they’ve been doing well…for a long time.  A different family member gets it each year and has to pass it on next year.12

Gabby got a princess cupcake kit from Aunt Pam.  She made them all by herself and had so much fun.

Mmm, don’t they look ummm… yummy.

Peter “enjoying” his cupcake.

Mommy and Gabby coordinating for church.

Who’s this cool guy?

Sweet brother/sister moment.

Does this look like a stinker or what?!
DSC_0050 (2)

Showing off their new wagon from Uncle David & Aunt Jennifer.

Gabby’s holding up the mermaid that she drew and colored all by herself.

Hugging GranDeb’s bear that she made for Gabby and telling me how much she loves it. 

Peter loves to climb in and out of this baby doll cradle.


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