the Paladinos

Jump, Jump, Jump

Sunday, March 1, 2009 by Leslie Paladino

Apparently Gabby had some bottled up energy this evening and it all came out in at least a 30 minute jumping session on our bed.  She's watching herself in the mirror and yes she gets close to the edge but don't worry, she's in complete control (uh, or just lucky she didn't fall off). 

In the first video she is singing a song from her new video which is a live Christian children's concert.  Thanks Aunt Patty!  These have definitely replaced the Lady Bugs video.  She's saying "turn around, turn around" at first and then launches into her version of "jump, jump, jump into the light, light, light, run, run, run from the dark, dark night."  And yes, she does end with a "poopee" which is not on her video.

In the second video she is doing a little faith healing that we've been practicing at home.  Just kidding.  We're not sure where she got her moves but she's definitely passionate about it. 


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