the Paladinos

Christmas at Mimi & Papa Mikes

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

We had a great time this last Saturday at Mimi and Papa Mike’s.  Santa even showed up and peeked in the windows.  He left a few presents for the kids outside and we even got to see his sleigh shooting across the sky.  You may think it looks like a jet but it was DEFINITELY Santa’s sleigh. 

Behind Peter you can see Santa peeking in the window.

He even peeked in the door.

This is when she saw Santa’s sleigh flying away.

You might have to click on the picture to really see it because Santa’s going sooo fast.  Smile

Punching glove and punching bag.  Sweet!

Oh Peter.

Christmas Parties & The Polar Express

Monday, December 24, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

This last week was a fun week for the kids at school.  Gabby had a field trip to the “Polar Express” which is a train in Springdale that takes them on a ride down the track.  They get to go in the their pajama’s, have hot chocolate AND meet Santa!  I had to miss this one because poor little Peter was sick but one of the other moms sent me some sweet pics of Gabby with her friends.

Both kids also had their class Christmas parties this week.  Fun!  I so love this time of year and love how the schools make it such a special time for the kids.

train 2trainDSC_3793DSC_3794DSC_3798
Photo booth for the kids.

Poor Peter.  This was the only picture of his party I got before my phone died.  Sad smile

Christmas on the Square

Monday, December 24, 2012 by Leslie Paladino

The weekend before last we went to the square to look at lights.  They had the cutest little carriage ride for the kids with a little pony.  Gabby loved it!  Peter didn’t want to have anything to do with it. 

Gabby also lost another tooth last Sunday (top tooth)!  This is her 3rd tooth and she lost this one at church.  It was sooo loose for days but she really didn’t want us to pull it (and by us I mean Michael because I still can’t do it).  So she wiggled it and wiggled it until it finally just fell right out.  She was so excited and looks so cute with that big hole in her smile. 

In fact Gabby was so excited that she had a little trouble sleeping that night.  The Tooth Fairy tried visiting her twice before bed and Gabby woke up both times.  But luckily the Tooth Fairy has trouble sleeping and visited at 3:00 am.  But unluckily for the Tooth Fairy Gabby was still having trouble sleeping and started rolling around during the visit.  So the Tooth Fairy had to hit the floor and belly crawl up to her pillow.  Let’s just say, the Tooth Fairy had a really hard time going back to sleep after that.  Smile